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American Drilling and Supply is owned by Curt and “Sweet Sue” Schelle. We started American Drilling and Supply on July 3, 1986. 1986 was one of the lowest times in drilling history! What a time to start a drilling company! the bank was leery of lending to a new drilling company, especially since their bank had 2 repossessed drill rigs!! However, the banker was intrigued by one of the “assets” Curt listed on the loan application-”Sue”. The banker requested a meeting with Curt’s “asset”. After Sue met with him for 4 hours, the banker decided to recommend us for our loan. American Drilling and Supply incorporated in 1996. In July 2014, American celebrated its 28th anniversary.


American Drilling is located in Billings, MT and we service the area of South Central MT and Northern WY. American is licensed and bonded in both MT and WY. We drill wells for homes, stock, irrigation, commercial, monitoring, and geothermal, if you need to clear the area before we arrive to drill, you can hire an expert like this Japanese Knotweed Uk contractor. We also install and service pump systems, pressure systems, cisterns, solar pump systems, and water treatment. We provide a complete water system, and are committed to offering our customers quality products, exceptional warranties, and excellent service. In the past 40 years we have seen over 20 drilling companies come and go in the Billings area. The biggest lesson we have learned was how important our customers are. CUSTOMERS ARE THE LIFE LINE OF OUR BUSINESS, without them the well (business) runs dry!! THe most important aspect of our business is being there for our customers when they need us. To quote one of our customers, “you can’t do nothin’ without water!!” Our mission has always been serving our customers. Our motto is “Out of Water? Need a Hand? Just remember American Drilling – Red, White, and Blue! Call Curt and Sweet Sue!”

American is committed to the water industry. We are members of both MT and WY water well associations, and the National Water Well Association. Curt and Sue were past Presidents of MT Water Well Drillers Association and Auxiliary. During Curt’s Presidency the MWWDA began the 4-hour continuing education for a drillers license. Education is the key to success – learning from other people in our industry is very helpful. The water industry is ever changing and you need to be educated and trained in new technologies. We feel it is very important to support our driller associations. We need to stand strong together as state and national associations to meet the challenges of the industry. We also support the Water Systems Council, which is a national non-profit organization that is focused solely on individual water wells and other private well-based water systems. We are proud to be a part of the ever changing industry that provides WATER, an essential of life!

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